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Change the Way You Work

Everything we design and provide—and use ourselves everyday—is for bringing more movement, flow, and well-being into your daily life.

FAMISKY Dual Motor Standing Desk

Dual Motor Standing Desk

Building your perfect home office

If you want a home office where you feel good in your body and do your best work, the most valuable thing you can do is invest in an adjustable-height desk. No matter the size of your space or budget, we can help you find the perfect one.

Working from home

From adjustable-height desks to active chairs, standing mats to lighting — everything you need to create a home office that makes you feel good in your body and do your most inspired work.

A better workspace: Start with your desk

If you want a space where you can feel good in your body and do your best work, the most valuable thing you can do is begin by investing in an adjustable-height desk.

Let our team help yours

Outfitting an entire team is no easy task. Whether transitioning your team to a work from home environment or wanting to create a custom Fully workplace, we’re here to help.

FAMISKY, small to big and every which way

When finding just the right FAMISKY to fit your space, needs, and style, be sure to leave enough room around your desk for your lamp, cabinet, and any other accessories you want to add—as well as plenty of space for you to move around.

Pretty easy to assemble when following the directions. Everything is clearly labeled. The motor is quiet and moves up and down easily but slowly. Great for the price. This was the best priced electric desk. Very happy with my purchase.

Jessica K.

The desk is valuable for that cost; Good quality and convenient to control. I do like it.

Aurora Aksnes

Been looking into getting a standing desk since I've been working from home for months now and my back is starting to complain. Was mulling over a few different options and finally decided on this one.

Daniel Binoy